Bluetooth Earbuds
A Review Of The Sennheser MX W1 Wireless Headphones

Bluetooth headsets are a good tool for anybody who enjoys hearing music, having hands free phone conversations and playing video games on the move. With no wires to snag or perhaps break, they likewise last longer and are much more easily stored. One particular model is the Sennheiser MX W1 In Ear headsets, and if you are trying to find a top quality audio experience then they may be really worth thing to consider.

Bluetooth headphones generally can be found in 2 kinds. Lower fidelity earbuds output audio suitable for the low bandwidth requirements of voice conversation, although more conventional headset versions deliver higher-quality stereo audio. The MX W1 is in the latter camp, outputting truly lossless stereo audio with no compression typically connected with bluetooth transfer standards. Plug the integrated transmitter into any stereo output and begin taking pleasure in audio without wires almost instantly and with no set up. The device is suitable for all DVD, MP3 and CD players. The earphone still receives audio in distances of up to 40 feet from the transmitter, which functions best whenever fixed. In case transferred or perhaps put into a pocket, audio might fallout entirely or present delays.

One downside of bluetooth earbuds is their requirement for a cost. While conventional wired earbuds are powered completely from the base unit, bluetooth earbuds need separate chargers. The MX W1 obviates this somewhat by including the charger in the case itself, supplying up to three full battery cycles without having to reconnect to a fixed base.

Sennheiser also supplies a twist-to-fit system, a method of comfortably holding the headphone in the ear canal. Even though this works for many, it might prove tough for those having smaller frames and proportionally smaller ears.

While proponents of bluetooth sound generally tout their own choices to be lossless, several high quality is typically lost on the wireless link. The MX W1 seems to have challenged this assertion even so, since it is challenging to differentiate its sound from that produced by a wired head set.

A single popular ease of bluetooth earbuds is their embedded controls. Music can regularly be started, paused and modified utilizing switches on the unit themselves. This is particularly helpful with MP3 players which are packed away in a bag or perhaps belt pouch, since it is not needed to get them to change tracks. The MX W1 lacks these kinds of controls, a frustration considering its cost and over-all quality in other respects.

The Sennheiser brand is a great name in audio equipment, as well as their headset doesn’t disappoint those searching for quality audio. The design, while solid, certainly leaves some important elements to be desired. Whether the MX W1 is a good earphone for the need depends on regardless if you are prepared to pay out a high cost for some design jeopardises in return for sharper audio at a higher fidelity than is some other wireless system on the market.